Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is Happening on OUR Watch

This is the 3rd and final installment of an interview of Larry Grathwohl by Daren Jonescu with the American Thinker publication.  I came across this at:   http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/ 

An excerpt:

DJ: Many people dispute President Obama's claim that Bill Ayers was just "a guy in my neighborhood."  And Ayers himself has spoken of being ecstatic when Obama was elected in 2008.  What connection or consistency do you see between the goals and/or methods pursued or promoted by the WU and those pursued and promoted by the Obama administration?

LG: The goals and objectives of these two individuals are the same.  Bill Ayers tried first to destroy this country through violence.  Having failed, the WU determined to accomplish this through the system and in my opinion Barack Obama was recruited as a means to accomplish this goal. ...
The connections between Barack and Bill include having shared an office for at least three years in Chicago, being co-members on two boards in which Barack was the chairman, and one of which was called the Annenberg Challenge[, which] was charged with the dissemination of approximately $100 million to educational institutions in the Chicago area.  Bill Ayers has been associated with the writing of Barack's book, Dreams from My Father, through content analysis, and on three occasions Bill has admitted that he wrote this book and then later retracted his comments.  It would seem apparent to me that individuals who have been this closely associated through many years have a common knowledge [of] one another's political aims and goals.  This can only mean that they are in agreement, and while Bill has utilized the educational system to further his objective, Barack Obama has chosen politics.  Keep in mind that Barack Obama's first political fundraiser was held at Bill's and Bernardine's home while Barack was running for the Illinois state legislature.  This is his first fundraiser, and Bill and Bernardine are involved -- can there be any doubt as to the extent of the relationship that exists between these individuals?

Both of the primary players mentioned here are collaborative enemies of our nation as is everyone who sides and supports them and their evil efforts.

Pray for the best while preparing for the worst.

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