Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Co-Dependence Must End

"... law and order have broken down to such an extent that residents have been been left with no other choice but to band together to police their own streets."

This an excerpt which struck me as odd.  Isn't it every person's responsibility to be the "policing agent" in his neighborhood?  I live in New England, in a 5-floor walk-up one floor from the top.  It is a corner building. Across the street is a corner store - something that is fading fast with the proliferation of "convenience" stores.  Our town is a former center for light industry which employed thousands more than it does now.  It now boasts of broad, multicultural diversity.  This is but pcspeak for a high concentration of non-English-speaking, therefore unemployable receivers of entitlements.  But I digress.

The corner store owner/operator and I talk several times a week just to touch base with each other regarding anything either of us feels is significant. Who hasn't been seen lately, who gave who a hard time, who got arrested, or who was politely(or not so) asked to leave either place of business.  We are our "neighborhood watch".  If either of us has an immediate issue, the other is alerted.  It works.  For different reasons, we also each keep an ear toward our own PD/FD scanner.  We try to stay informed. 

When tshtf - and it will as surely as I type with two fingers - who do you think will be watching your back?  I'll take it a step or two back from there:  who SHOULD HAVE BEEN taking the lead in every neighborhood in every town across America before any of this crap ever started?! It's each of us.  We should have been and we should be doing it now.  When the bubble goes up, as they say, Officer Friendly will likely be doing what many of us have been planning to do: protect our own first.  Katrina.  Reports of upwards of 600 from Nawlins PD and surrounding areas alone were no-shows. 

Things must change.  The co-dependence on the statist machine to provide every service must end.  Relinquishing responsibility to a cesspool of corrupt and domineering political hacks is plain wrong.  It's time to shoulder what was mete out when the Declaration was penned and delivered.  You see, that and our other Founding Documents were not merely instruments of severence from the nanny state declaring each person free in his own right. They were also documents declaring the personal responsibilities incumbent upon each man to accept and maintain if he determined to become and remain free.

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