Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Resignation

I spent but 4 years serving in the U.S.M.C.  That was 40 years ago. I have never deserted my Oath nor will I.  I'm not as young as then, not as capable nor as strong.  This one thing I am: more determined today to defend and protect whatever of mine that would be placed at risk by those of you who would subvert my peaceful existance.

I do not want this fight which you and your kind have instigated. This fight frightens me to my very core - not for my sake because I've been blessed beyond my deserving.  I fear for my children's children and what they will suffer in unacceptable loss of individual and collective freedoms.

I don't look to fight but I am armed and will remain so in anticipation of your conspiratorial aggresion which will inevitably reach out personally against me and mine. You have made this a personal fight and I take it very personally. When you do come, with your overwhelming numbers and machinery, I will not run. It has been expressed that your numbers in public actions display the level of fear you have of us. Your fears are well founded. God as my witness, when you come, there will be those of you who will not "go home safe".  We must not lose.  Nor may we neglect to rise up in fury with the full force of wounded Liberty.

What did you expect? Unreserved subjection? An abject surrender of all we hold dear? Did you really think that all of America would prostrate herself for the cause of the collective?  Really?  You have been wrong in all your expectation.

In my lifetime, there have been two other occasions of such defined national polarization: the civil rights struggle and the anti-war sentiment brought to a head by Viet Nam.  Our numbers swell daily.  Your "moving forward" provokes a growing number to stand against you. Many have grown weary of the press.

You have the power to defuse the powderkeg you have filled and are ready to ignite but you have yet to count the cost of continuing such a course. Know this: it will be dear. There are those of us who have done the math and compared it against our other options. Some are making preparations to go the full price while others have already done.  We understand what it means: Liberty is costly to obtain and costly to maintain.

I know my future beyond this life. My peace was made in Christ years ago.

May God be my Help as surely as He is your Judge.


  1. Like OUR Oath, the 2nd Amendment doesn't come with an expiration date!

  2. I too served my beloved Corps for 4 years.

    I feel you have captured my exact feeling and expressed it precisely.

    If they mean to have a War then let it begin here.

    Semper Fi

  3. God Bless you my brother-in-arms, by brother from another mother. I posted your word on my FB page with the link to this piece. I am a veteran vet.

    Regards &
    Semper Fidelis
    John (Squanto)

  4. I too also served my beloved Corps for 4 years. 3531,3533,3534,3536 here. If I can't truck it, F*CK IT.. Jesus, Chesty, and John Wayne got their pull ups in from me this morning. May the War Gods smile upon us as we make hay while the sun shines in preparation for these spineless cowards to bring their tidal wave of tyranny. I stand with you fellow Teufel Hundens to the end for you are truly my brothers. Let he who hath not the testicular fortitude for this fight depart, for he is not my brother. Give them nothing! But take from them everything! SEMPER FIDELIS !!

  5. I wish my preacher were like you. Several weeks ago, in a sermon, he all but said we should lay down our guns to the government if they ask for them. Of course, I disagree. Opposition to tyrants is obedience to God.

    Found your blog via Kerodin's (III). Pretty cool. I'll be reading you more.