Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Either You Are or You Are Not

This is post is from another blogger who, unlike many others, is weary and angered by the bending Americans have been doing for decades.  I too am weary and often angered and have expressed this same resolve.  His words:

The American In Me

2012-09-29 Balfour 021
The sun shines today, as a matter of fact…. the sun shines in my conscience everyday. I was born and raised as an American, nothing will change this fact, it is in my DNA. I live as a free man… and will continue to do so, nothing can change this.
I am well aware of uncle sugar and his shenanigans, spying on me and my words, I am a free man and nothing can change this. Fear? No the fear subsided long ago, revenge? We can discuss perspective later. I have surrounded my self and family with instruments of death…. Just as my ancestors had, because they lived their lives as free men, nothing can change this.
I have also surrounded myself and family with the means to feed ourselves, food, livestock, garden seed, viable gardens with the tools to work them. Come try to take them from us, I will fight to my death to defend my family and property….. Nothing can change this.
America has changed, this can’t be argued. I have not changed… The American within me has not changed. Last night the anger began to rise, I asked my wife to change the channel……My soul was stirred, it was angry and upset… sickened at the images being brought into our home from the nation’s capitol. I am an American and nothing can change this.
We already understand and acknowledge the path of our future, it’s a heady task before us… To say the least it’s daunting. My DNA refuses to allow me to forget I am an American. There is an American within all of us……. Nothing can change this.
Our family just started a small mom and pop business, I have had a few e-mail me and ask why? Why now?……. Because I am an American, and Nothing Can Change This Fact. We should all be starting small businesses, supporting each other, the framework and the inventory needs to be in place. LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL.

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