Monday, February 4, 2013

I Never Thought This Possible In My Lifetime

We live in amazing times.  Worldwide information exchange in seconds through the use of electronics only dreamed of in Buck Rogers and Dick Tracy.  The sheer volume of the information available is impossible for the "average joe" to comprehend.  Simple personal communication can be reduced to a few abbreviations tapped on a "virtual" keyboard and send with a final tap.  It's all somewhat mind boggling to one who sat one summer with his Grandmother - a former school teacher of the one-room schoolhouse variety - and watched the first moon walk on a black & white TV.  I'm rambling but you can do the math regarding my approximate age and maybe understand why it's all so amazing to me.  I remember as a younger man wondering how my Grandmother viewed such changes from her perspective.  The invention and widespread use of the "horseless carriage", interior plumbing, color TV, portable phones -it must have been as amazing to her as the developments up to today are for me. 

Ah, "the good, old days". 

I think in many respects they were, looking back.  When I was school age, the Pledge of Alliegence was still recited every morning as was the first verse of our National Anthem.  Until 3rd grade, both were led by our teacher as well as brief prayer.  Things changed. Many things changed.  When "things" changed, so did people, it seems.  Things made life easier, more convenient or simply different.  People became less engaged in what was going on and were being driven by an unseen force which was being touted as "The American Dream".  It seemed to consist of working as hard and many hours as required for as much money as required for as many things as was dictated by this American Dream.  The hidden mantra was, "get, get, and then get more. Do whatever it takes but get." 

Along with this came what I will term, "the Shift".

What was/is "the Shift"?  it started with 2 Supreme Court decisions which prohibited any further(1) prayer( Engel v. Vitale 1962) and then (2)Bible reading( Abington School District v. Schempp (1963).  It was by these 2 that America began showing the erosion of her formerly principled core.  America as a whole had been mezmerised by the lightening fast developments sweeping across the land. She had taken her eyes off the more important issues of life and was believing the lie. 

The "lie"?

Was getting more stuff really the true "American Dream"?  Even the most cursory look at our nation's founding will demonstrate that it was not.  The true "Dream" was usurped and replaced with the lie that more stuff and higher education for all was the goal and dream of everyone - don't YOU want it too?  What was the true "Dream"?  It's so simple that many overlook it or outright deny it.  It's been buried or exponged from our history books by those who hijacked the "Dream".  It's now openly ridiculed and attacked by the like-minded descendants of the hijackers.

The "Dream".

Simply stated it was: to live one's own life, seek one's own way, worship God according to one's own understanding and belief all while respecting others' rights to do the same and to live without oppressive overlording pressures and impositions.  While this Dream flourished, America flourished and stood strong.  All one has to do is read the history of America to see the results of this Dream.  The rule of the day now is collectivism - all you do is for "the common good"; too much "independence" from the "accepted norm" is at least not a good thing and in the extreme is mental illness from which society must be protected;  any mention of God, His Works, His Influence or His Word are stricktly forbidden and efforts are now in high gear to remove any and all vestiges of His Presence.   The usurpers have unmasked themselves and their nightmare has been fully revealed - in the Chief Usurper's own words: "...we will fundamentally change America." No more pretense, no more inuendo.  America is fully engaged on the path to hopelessness and destruction. 

Understand that I am not anti-stuff possession nor am I anti-higher education.  I AM, however, diametrically opposed to further degradation and destruction of this once God-fearing Nation.  This is my entire motivation for starting this blog.  For much too long, the watchmen upon the walls of this Nation have been either asleep or become complicit in the destruction of our Nation. They allowed and/or acted in concert with the Enemies of Freedom.  

IF the core of our Nation was indeed based upon a Creator God's moral code delivered to us through His Word - which I believe it was - then it is only logical that it can only be restored via that same means.  I will post things which will anger some, turn some away and even provoke some to respond.  All comments within the realm of civility and respect will be allowed.  I do however reserve the right to remove posts which I feel are inappropriate.  Whether you like any of this  or not is not my concern - it's on you, but you will have been warned.

Psalm 9:17  "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God."
Psalm 50:22  "Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver."

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