Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Perspective as a Christian

Amongst a few there is a quiet(and sometimes not so) debate over whether a Christian should prep for what appears to many to be the very real possibility of widespread socio-economic troubles.  Oftentimes, firearms possession and use(especially for self-defense) are brought into this debate.  As I've experienced the debate, 2 sides usually emerge:  on the 1 hand, there are the God is Love, turn the other cheek, Jesus was meek and non-violent, we must obey every law laid upon us, God will provide folks; on the other there are those who take a somewhat more pragmatic stand.  This stand is well summed up in an article posted on The Daily Sheeple in point 4:

"4.) God gave us a brain and He expects us to use it – If we are standing on train tracks and a train is coming, common sense tells us to move off the tracks. Common sense tells us to move to the side of the road when there is oncoming traffic. Common sense tells us to back away from the edge of a cliff. Does not common sense tell us that, if it’s obvious that hard times are coming, it might be a good idea to do what we can to prepare for those hard times?"

“A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” Proverbs 22:3"

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This blog is not necessarily the venue for the faith v. foolishness debate but I will state for the record that Christians are not guaranteed anywhere in the Scriptures that God(nor anyone else) is obligated to make up for a person's lack of taking care of himself and those for whom he is responsible.  I would direct your attention to the account of the 10 virgins with their 10 lamps.(Matthew 25:1-)  Their obligation was to make a collective, prepared presentation on behalf of the bridegroom yet each had the personal responsibility of obtaining enough lamp oil to last till he presented himself.  NB - none of the prepped 5 shared their oil with the 5 slackers.(There's charity and then there's focus on the higher purpose.)

I could site other practical points but I would likely weary those less religiously inclined who may stumble across this blogpage.  My point is simply this:  Christian, you're hiding behind a statist lie if you believe that prepping isn't for you.  For goodness sake folks, do you  not see that our very Salvation is Itself a form of preparation against what otherwise would surely be future disaster!  WAKE UP !!  We're living in truly evil days being governed by evil men with nothing but evil intentions. 

Post Script - In response to the question you may be asking yourself: yes, I am armed and minimally capable; my wife is also armed and together we're working on our capabilities. Life is easier faced with a spouse who stands squarely with you - not only in principle but in practise as well. 

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