Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Boston

First, my heart-felt sympathies and condolences to those who are suffering through the tragic events and aftermath surrounding the Marathon.  There is overmuch to be dealt with.  The act of targeting non-combatants, innocents and bystanders - to include children - is unconscionable... despicable... the desperate act of a child mentality seeking unrequited attention. 

If one has what he considers to be a valid beef needing addressed with another, man up.  Call out then meet the individual(s) and have at it, face to face, eye to eye, fist for fist - if necessary but for the sake of all that's right, holy, just and honorable LEAVE OTHERS ALONE. 

To those who would make direct and/or indirect accusations of this possibly being an act by some alleged "patriot" group, you have once again demonstrated your ignorant and uninformed position regarding Patriots beyond any reasonable doubt.  As has already been stated in another blog, Patriots know who their enemies are and when, IF, they ever take action against them, there will absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind who is against who.   KNOW THIS:  the indiscriminate, random targeting of any general population or portion thereof is not in the playbook under any circumstances. 

Those who do this are idiots as are those who believe we Patriots would.

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