Wednesday, April 10, 2013

As I see It

The following link is for an article regarding the position of Patriots nationwide and evokes more questions than provides answers.  This is not a bad thing nor am I being critical.  It's time for hard questions to be asked and answered.

My take is(and has been) the monumental lack of unity and cooperation between groups and individuals.  I am not talking about lowering standards nor leaving principles behind.  I am, however, pointing out the need for setting aside particulars for our "cause" - if indeed that cause is common.  

Read it here along with the comments:

My belief is, if there is a notible coming together of generally likeminded factions, a ball will begin to roll very similar in behavior to the Tea Party movement which drew a million strong into one city on one day under one cause.  I did not say go join the Tea Party though my wife and I were there with a teen grdaughter and the teen daughter of a close friend.  The effect on us was profoundly moving.  It was the "slap in the face" we needed to set our own lives in better order for the issues to come. We all know tptb turned a deaf ear that day and has every occasion since.  So, the question is, "what now?"

Does a "national" line in the sand need to be drawn?  One to which all can give ascent?  If so, where will it be?  When will it be?  How many more insults to and deletions from our waning cache of "rights" will we suffer?  Who will draw said line?  How many, if any, are willing to agree to it and then follow through? 

Perhaps TL is dead on when he says that anything that will happen will happen on the local, individual level.  Will the news of local actions be what stirs others to move?  Maybe there will be no movement that will sweep across America ingiting and enflaming hearts to rally toward a common cause. 

This will without doubt be discussed on April 19th & 20th, on King's Mountain, SC amongst those who will show.  There's time to be counted in whether you're a "delegate" or not.  Our plans are made, time arranged, notifications are gone out to those who need to know.  My truck has been readied for the trip.  Short of catastrophe, personal or ministry-related, we will be there. 

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