Sunday, April 28, 2013

"...but THAT can't happen HERE !!"

There are enemies of our Constitution and Bill of Rights who intend to not only disarm We, the American People, but reduce our God-given rights to a collection of prohibitions and/or  legal hoops to jump through in order to receive what in reality is already ours by birthright.   The following is a simple plan laid out and already in the works for disarmament. here's the link:

Read it.  (Does it sound even vaguely familiar?  It should.)

Then, let's enact every imaginable way to counter it.

If we should lose this aspect of the confrontation, the enemies - our enemies - of all we hold dear can then move against us with impunity.  It is crucial that we maintain the ability to punish them for their wrong-doings.

"My Five-Step Plan to Ban Guns in the US Within 10 Years, by Jason H."

"I currently provide consulting services to major global corporations. One effective way to do battle with a competitor is to place yourself in their shoes and plan out your own demise – exactly what I will do here today. Below is my concise strategy to completely ban firearms in the US within 10 years. I am not alone here, rest assured there are many groups that have paid tidy sums to have the same roadmap developed and are currently rolling it out in a very deliberate manner."

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