Saturday, October 12, 2013


Most think that 17% of our several-times that over-bloated .gov system is enough to cause disaster. It isn't. What this alleged "shutdown" is about is a tug-of-war of sorts between those who still want to make We, The People THINK they're still representing us and the power/greed drunken socialists who no longer give a rats tail about the mask.  This also about their jobs in the next election cycle: who keeps their seat with subsequent bribes and graft payments and who has to turn to actually doing a little more work for it on the outside of the Beltway.

With my prelude, read this article.  Hopefully you'll see through the useless, empty rhetpric of everyone involved in the charade.  The UNhealthcare edict is not even at stake.  It is how quickly it is shoved down
our throats.

America, it's past time we took a stand.  I can't believe that God is not angry over how we've allowed things to sour in this once great land.  What He gives to anyone, He expects them to do their part in maintaining, vis. Adam and Eve in keeping the Garden.  We've ailed and allowed Evil to overrun us.

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