Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On Religious Freedom

The arrogance of the petty tyrant sitting in our White House is reaching new depths.  His true colors are shining through as well.  Although perhaps less widely known, communism is marked not only by it's totalitarianism but also it's rejection of and hatred for anything religious.  His Petulance is striking that chord now in our military.

Read it here.

Note: while I'm not Catholic, I will stand with and for the right of the Catholic to exercise his faith as his conscience dictates.  This is so of the Jew, Mormon, Buddhist, etc.  It's my contention that he is trying to stifle the Catholics because they likely represent the largest single religious group in the military.

What does he tell his children when they see things like this?  How does he justify his actions and/or those of his subordinates?  Does he say something like, "They need punished so we take something away from them much like losing one's iPod or cell privileges."?  He should be careful something like this doesn't backfire on him in some way.......

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