Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lose - Lose

Is this really what the person currently sitting in our White House wants? Can the rest of 535 elected and/or appointed people actually want such things to happen? http://m.eagletribune.com/eagletrib/db_/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=2iMNs3Jb&full=true#display Such accounts are occuring daily and have been since October 1. Does this errant despot intend to so provoke the American People as to expect us to somehow move against those we elected with the concentration of protestors equal to or even greater than that of the first 9/12 event in DC? If we should, he would force the continuation of his own sanctions and consequently, the increased ire of America on the whole. Or maybe his bent is to push until the odds of any compromise is well past any recovery. Would he then watch and blame the Republicans for our National default? If that happens, more than his presidency would be ended. America as we see it today would be no more. Is this what he wants - really? Who would fund his precious ObamaUNhealthcare? How would his faithful mutts maintain their guard over public monuments? How long will they go on the promise of betters days aheaad seeing that things have been run into the ground in such order? We're past being fed up but he just doesn't seem to get it. Or maybe he does and this is his private, perverse delight. And the delight of those who jerk his strings. These kinds of strings need to be severed - this nation can't take much more of the pulling. The Million Vet March on DC October 13, 2013 could well be a turning point in American History. If it goes badly, it could well be a lose - lose situation. Made God be our Strength

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