Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My mind is consumed today with the events of this weekend - particularly Sunday's Million Vet March on D.C.  This is not a good thing since today is this week's "Monday" and I was gone 3 1/2 days before.  On the other hand, it is needful that I consider not just the past weekend but the near future as well.  I was proud - more than usual - to be an American, living in America this weekend. 

November 1, 2013 could see a first in American History: the nationwide shutdown of SNAP/EBT/Food Stamp cards.  Let that thought sink in........  a nation full of people with their hands out only to bring them back empty. 

But then who could have conceived that the (alleged) Commander-in-Chief would slap the collective face of "his own troops" (and that of those NOT his at this point) by closing NATIONAL monuments which were and are designed to HONOR both.  This just pisses me off.  His contempt and disregard for those who have or are actively demonstrating their commitment to this nation is glaringly apparent. Benghazi.  He cares nothing for those who have gone the distance.  He's dancing on the graves of the fallen.  He despises the very men and women who have preserved the nation he's been handed and is hell-bent on ruining. 

Know this, if you've been waivering on the issue, there is no civility on the part of the .gov any longer.  The mask is gone.  Illegally detaining foreign nationals in a motel for 2 days without so much as an apology for the sake of one's political stand???  WHO DOES THAT !!??  And what of the American tourists!!??  By the way, as we were moving from the Lincoln Memorial to the Spite House, I saw a small group of Asian men, obviously not Asian-Americans, and I apologized to them and those of their nation who may have been detained.  Americans have acted badly and we should be ashamed of it.  They, as well as all the others from other countries deserve better treatment than to be caught up in such childish antics.  I'm dumbfounded at such barbaric nonsense.  On the other hand, his foreign policy is terribly inadequate so what he had the Park Service do shouldn't be surprising. 

An arrogant, smug, self-absorbed, petty, wannabe despot does that.  And then dispatches a threat to shut off SNAP unless the GOP concedes??  When this concession occurs, America is lost.  Her only hope will be to go in a direction no one but the petty despot and his goons seem to be pushing.  I want no fight.  As some may have noted having met me, I'm too old for that crap.  But if you insist, I'll be singing one of Kenny Roger's songs: "Let's Go Out In A Blaze of Glory..."  You will have your wish. 

I am of the opinion that with our rediscovered strength that we - the fed up, agitated, unwilling to tolerate anymore affronts Americans - go on the offensive.  If there are other places where Barry-cades obstruct, they should be summarily removed.  We must not lose the momentum of our moment.  What took place Sunday has American Spirit painted all over it.  There must be something that we can grab on to and shake it till it either surrenders or dies.  Then move on to the next until a trend is set and the ball begins to roll on it's own.

Our grandkids asked where we went that they couldn't go.  We responded by telling them that we went to fix some things that bad men had done.  Pictures will be shown to them in the coming days from the various websites displaying the Barry-cade Removal Act.  My hope is that they "get it" as they mature.  When we've passed from this scene, I hope they can look back and say, "our Grandmother and Grandfather were there that day.  They helped get things started back in the right direction.  We have what we have because they were willing to act against bad men doing bad things."

For the love of God and what He's blessed us with, go out, find something evil, and make it right. 

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