Thursday, July 4, 2013


I'm angry today.  Actually, more so than usual as I find myself this way more often than not anymore.  I'm angry about so much that I'm not certain there's room on one readable page for everything. 

So much nonsense about the meaning of today.  So much hype, so much wrong and misleading information.  Contrast that with the little concern for what really took place and how far we've purposefully been removed from it.  If not for the connection to my profession and associated activities, I'd delete my Facebook account.  Understand that I'm not anti-bbq, family/friend gatherings and a little down time for R&R.  What I am against is the wholesale ignorance of the significance of this date.  Celebration is great when the point of the effort is central.  Sadly, that was lost long ago. 

I'm angry too that I spent so many years like all the other sheeple, just moving with the flock, being worked and maneuvered by the wretched rhetoric that is continually spewed from the lamestream media's overpaid hacks and lackeys. 

Having reached my 60's, I'm very well aware that time spent is unrecoverable. 

With this "coming of age", has also come the decision to determine what is truly important and what is not.  Here's some of what IS very important to me:

My Bible is open to John 8:32 which states:

" And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Truth: this nation was founded by men of faith and character and upon the Bible from which those same men learned about faith and character.   We're lied to on a regular and consistent basis by those in the government and now without even the pretense of civility.  Their lies and the consequences of them will come home to roost one day - and that day is being approached at breakneck speed.

"WHAT!!?? A 'man of the cloth' feels he needs or even should be armed???!!!"  Yes, because it is my AND YOUR Biblical mandate to provide for my own which, for you lilypants, over-pious, so-called "pastors" who selectively believe our God-inspired Bible, means PROTECTION IN THIS WORLD as well.  And while we're on this subject, I'll let you know now that in addition to the 6 rounds this little popper .380 has in it, I carry 2 additional 5-rd mags - "just in case".   All 16 rds are personal protection hollow points.  Why would any self-respecting, family-loving, God-fearing man buy health, home, and vehicle insurance(where's your "faith in Gawd", eh??) and NOT arm himself to say nothing of arming and training his family?   Senseless hypocrisy.

I wear the hat regularly now to display my support of those who went before and those with whom I share common ideas and principles today.  The silhouette of the minuteman on the cap to the left represents John Parker.  The statue this likeness is taken from stands in Lexington, Ma.  Do the research on your own.  The roman 3 is representative of the number of actual participants and supporters in our First War for Independence.    Attached to the back of my cap is a velcro strip which has the greek characters equivalent to "molon labe".  Again, you do the homework as to what that means.

When things do finally "go south" and come out the other end, how will anyone answer as to how YOU were counted during the difficulties? 

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Just wanted to drop by and say that you're not alone here in Maine. I was linked to here a while back through Sam Kerodins website. I had been meaning to reach out earlier but just hadn't worked up the wherewithal to do so. Now with everything that's been happening I figured it was time to introduce myself. Local, local, local is what is being pressed heavily, and I figure that it would be just as well for me to find like minded people living in Maine.

    Shoot me an email at if you feel so inclined. I'm in the Southern part of Maine, and I typically go out to Fryeburg on range days. I look forward to hearing from you.