Thursday, January 2, 2014

...'year of the Bible' ...

It's now 2014 and we're deeper in the proverbial "kimshee"(as my Dad - a WWII veteran from the Indo-China theater - used to say) than we have ever been.  Some accuse the left while the left accuses the right, each vowing vengeance on the other for misdeeds and calculated destruction of the others way to a better life.  Some are making preparations for the time when the bottom drops out by either economic failure or through some yet unidentified extreme natural occurrence.  Many more just hump their shoulders and try to ignore everything.  A select and alert few have touched on the what I believe to be the heart issue: that we are dealing with Evil.  And that Evil is replicating at an exponential rate having been given the ideal petri dish in which to flourish. This "ideal" condition is the near complete minimization, neutralization, or in a growing number of instances, the complete removal and/or silencing of anything truly spiritual in nature.  In short:

God's Presence and Voice in America is, for all intent and purpose, no longer seen nor heard.

BUT - I am encouraged with the following:

Spare me your putrid regurgitations of a too oft repeated but completely unfounded phase misunderstood by most who accept it's erroneous implication.  The U.S. Constitution NEVER STATED NOR IMPLIED there should be "separation of church and state". Neither did our Bill of Rights.  What our Founders envisioned was the absence of a "state religion" such as existed in England at that time, wherein the "state" and "church" were married, with the ecclesiastical leaders often calling the political shots behind the scenes.  Without religion, morality is absent in any society.

What this mayor has done is offer a ray of hope and light to an otherwise declining, pitch black situation. The Evil we face is caused by the lack of character and virtue in the hearts and lives of those individuals who have laid out and perpetuated the "plan" that has us at the breakpoint.  

The fight for me, and those few of my profession who "get it", has two fronts.  The first to work against the current flow while preparing for the tidal wave very likely to come.  The other, to fight Evil on the ground it is intended to be engaged and to awaken as many as will listen to the message. And let me be clear about this one point: should push come to shove and all peaceful means of restoration of our Constitution be exhausted, I will join with others in re-securing our rightful liberties by any means necessary.  I believe that what God has provided to us, we are obligated to protect by any and all means at our disposal. 

Our Founding Fathers understood very well the true nature and source of their opposition.  We would do well to take this particular page from their "playbook" if we would hope to secure our liberties and those of our posterity.

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