Friday, March 15, 2013

Is It About Respect of Views?

She's been around longer than our Constitution is useful.

She has more experience.

She is educated beyond Constitutional usefulness.

She is gracious enough to allow the American People "enough" weapons.

She wants Senator Cruz's respect.

She and those with her are enemies of our nation and Constitution.

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  1. I happened to come across your blog via the 'Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler, and sir, allow me to commend you for it is an excellent blog. With that said, I would just like to say that WOW, the red background is pretty tough on the eyes! It won't prevent me from visiting your site again, but I just thought I'd share that. A certain 'Seinfeld' episode comes to mind, in which a fast-food chicken restaurant with BLARING red lights opens up across the street from Kramer's apartment. Just thought I'd share a lil' bit of humor...

    Anyway, keep up the great writing...!